Table of Contents

Volume No. 1  
Sec. I Table of Contents - Volume No. 1
Sec. II Preliminary Statement
Sec. III Maps
Sec. IV Currently Effective Rates
  Section 1. FT-1 Rates
  Section 2. FT-2 Rates
  Section 3. BH-1 Rates
  Section 4. HT-1 Rates
  Section 5. IT-1 Rates
  Section 6. PALS Rates
  Section 7. Retainage Rates
  Section 8. LFT Rates
  Section 9. LIT Rates
Sec. V Rate Schedules
  Section 1. FT-1
  Section 2. FT-2
  Section 3. BH-1
  Section 4. HT-1
  Section 5. IT-1
  Section 6. PALS
  Section 7. IPP
  Section 8. LFT
  Section 9. LIT
Sec. VI General Terms and Conditions
  Section 1. Definitions
  Section 2. Electronic Bulletin Board
  Section 3. Requests for Service
  Section 4. Availability of Capacity for Firm Services
  Section 5. Service Agreement and Electronic Contracting
  Section 6. Nominating, Scheduling and Monitoring
  Section 7. Capacity Allocation
  Section 8. Meter Allocations
  Section 9. Operating Conditions
  Section 10. Billing and Payment
  Section 11. Flexible Receipt and Delivery Points
  Section 12. MDDO and MDQ
  Section 13. Pressure
  Section 14. Release and Assignment of Service Rights
  Section 15. Force Majeure
  Section 16. Interruptions of Service
  Section 17. Operational Flow Orders
  Section 18. Transfers or Imbalance Netting and Trading
  Section 19. Penalties
  Section 20. Discount Policy
  Section 21. Regulatory Fees
  Section 22. Possession of Gas
  Section 23. Warranty of Title to Gas
  Section 24. Warranty of Eligibility for Transportation
  Section 25. Gas Quality
  Section 26. Measurement
  Section 27. Construction of Facilities
  Section 28. Schedules & Contracts Subject to Reg. and Rev.
  Section 29. Notices
  Section 30. Complaint Resolution Procedure
  Section 31. Annual Charge Adjustment Clause
  Section 32. Retainage
  Section 33. Compliance with 18 CFR, Section 284.12
  Section 34. Negotiated Rates
  Section 35. Offsystem Capacity
  Section 36. Applicable Laws, Regulations and Waivers
  Section 37. Liability of Parties
  Section 38. Revisions
  Section 39. Miscellaneous Provisions
  Section 40. Reimbursement of Sales and Use Taxes
  Section 41. Operational Transactions
  Section 42. Cross-Reference for Tariff Permitted Provisions
Sec VII Service Agreement Forms
    FT-1, FT-2, BH-1 and HT-1
    Appendix A to FT-1, FT-2, BH-1 and HT-1
    Appendix A to IT-1
    PALS Transaction Sheet
Sec. VIII Miscellaneous Forms
    Reserved for Future Use
    Reserved for Future Use
    Reserved for Future Use
    Reserved for Future Use
    Form of Assignment Agreement
    Reserved for Future Use
    Reserved for Future Use
    Reserved for Future Use
    Reserved for Future Use
    Reserved for Future Use
    Non-Conforming Service Agreements