Table of Contents

Volume No. 1  
Sec. I Table of Contents
Sec. II Preliminary Statement
Sec. III Map
Sec. IV Statement of Rates
  Section 1. T-1 and T-1B - Long Term Base Tariff Rates
  Section 2. T-1 and T-1B - Seasonal Base Tariff Rates
  Section 3. Blended Seasonal Maximum Daily Reservation Rate Matrix
  Section 4. FCS-DP and ICS-DP Rates
  Section 5. IT-1 Seasonal Base Tariff Rates
  Section 6. PAL and TPB Rates
  Section 7. ACA and Compressor Usage Surcharge
  Section 8. Statement of Negotiated Rates
  Section 9. FTL-1 and ITL-1 Lateral Service
  Section 10. For Contesting Parties - T-1 and T-1B - Long Term Base Rates
  Section 11. For Contesting Parties - T-1 and T-1B - Seasonal Base Rates
  Section 12. For Contesting Parties - Blended Seasonal Res. Rate Matrix
  Section 13. For Contesting Parties - IT-1 Seasonal Base Rates
  Section 14. For Contesting Parties - PAL and TPB Rates
Sec. V Rate Schedules
  Section 1. Firm Service - Rate Schedule T-1
  Section 2. Firm Compression Service - Rate Schedule FCS-DP
  Section 3. Interruptible Compression Service - Rate Schedule ICS-DP
  Section 4. Interruptible Transportation Service - Rate Schedule IT-1
  Section 5. Firm Backhaul Service - Rate Schedule T-1B
  Section 6. Park and Loan Service - Rate Schedule PAL
  Section 7. Third Party Balancing Service - Rate Schedule TPB
  Section 8. Firm Transportation Lateral Service - Rate Schedule FTL-1
Sec. VI General Terms and Conditions
  Section 1. Definitions
  Section 2. Pressure and Temperature
  Section 3. Measuring Equipment
  Section 4. Measurement Reporting
  Section 5. Quality of Gas
  Section 6. Billing and Payment
  Section 7. Operating Information to be Submitted
  Section 8. Indemnity
  Section 9. Force Majeure
  Section 10. Nominations/Confirmations/Scheduling/Interruption of Service
  Section 11. Waivers
  Section 12. Separate Liability of Shipper
  Section 13. Deliveries of Gas
  Section 14. Warranty as to Delivery Right
  Section 15. Responsibility for Gas
  Section 16. FERC Annual Charge Adjustment Provision
  Section 17. Receipt and Delivery Point Flexibility/Segmentation
  Section 18. Coordination
  Section 19. Facilities Policy
  Section 20. Notices
  Section 21. Defaults
  Section 22. Form of Service Agreements
  Section 23. Flowing Gas
  Section 24. Severability
  Section 25. Survival of Obligation
  Section 26. Awarding of Available and Planned Pipeline Capacity
  Section 27. Release of Firm Capacity
  Section 28. Liability
  Section 29. Headings
  Section 30. Transportation Service Request
  Section 31. Complaint Procedure
  Section 32. Internet Access
  Section 33. Electronic Transactions Contracting
  Section 34. Operational Balancing Agreement Policy
  Section 35. Data Elements
  Section 36. Pooling/Title Transfer
  Section 37. Negotiated Rates
  Section 38. Off-System Services Acquired - Specific Shipper Request
  Section 39. Off-System Services
  Section 40. Credit Worthiness
  Section 41. Discounting
  Section 42. Non-Conforming Agreements
  Section 43. Agency
  Section 44. Compressor Usage Surcharge
  Section 45. Operational Purchases and Sales of Gas
Sec VII Form of Service Agreement
  Section 1 Rate Schedule T-1
  Section 2 Rate Schedule FCS-DP
  Section 3 Rate Schedule ICS-DP
  Section 4 Rate Schedule T-1B
  Section 5 Rate Schedule IT-1
  Section 6 Rate Schedule PAL
  Section 7 Rate Schedule TPB
  Section 8 Rate Schedule FTL-1
  Section 9 Rate Schedule ITL-1