Table of Contents

Volume No. 1  
Part 1 Table of Contents
Part 2 Preliminary Statement
Part 3 System Map
Part 4 Statement of Rates
  Section 1. Recourse Reservation and Usage Rates
  Section 2. Short Term Services Recourse Reservation and Usage Rates
  Section 3. HRS Rates
Part 5 Rate Schedules
  Section 1. Rate Schedule FT
  Section 1. Rate Schedule IT
  Section 1. Rate Schedule PAL
  Section 1. Rate Schedule FT-FLEX
  Section 1. Rate Schedule HRS
Part 6 General Terms and Conditions
  Section 1. Introductory Statement
  Section 2. Definitions
  Section 3. Request for Service/Creditworthiness
  Section 4. General Service Conditions
  Section 5. Quality of Gas
  Section 6. Measurement of Gas and Measurement Equipment
  Section 7. Nominations and Scheduling
  Section 8. Balancing and Penalties
  Section 9. Receipt Points and Delivery Points
  Section 10. Service Interruptions and Priorities
  Section 11. Capacity Release
  Section 12. Segmented Capacity
  Section 13. Available Capacity and Right of First Refusal
  Section 14. Interactive Internet Website
  Section 15. Lateral Facilities Policy
  Section 16. Billings and Payments
  Section 17. Cost Reimbursements
  Section 18. ACA Charge
  Section 19. Warranty of Title and Possession of Gas
  Section 20. Indemnity
  Section 21. Liability and Remedies
  Section 22. Supervening Laws and Changes by the Transporter
  Section 23. Marketing Affiliate Rule
  Section 24. Miscellaneous
  Section 25. Compliance with WGQ Standards
  Section 26. Reservation of Capacity for Expansion Projects
  Section 27. Off-System Capacity
Part 7 Pro Forma Contracts
  Section 1 Firm Transportation Service
  Section 2 Interruptible Transportation Service
  Section 3 Master Capacity Release Agreement
  Section 4 Master Gas Transportation Contract with Replacement Shipper
  Section 5 Park and Loan Service Contract
  Section 6 Request for Service
  Section 7 FT-Flex Limited Firm Transportation Service
  Section 8 Hourly Reserve Service
  Section 9 Short Term Firm Transportation Service
Part 8 Negotiated Rates
  Section 1 Negotiated Rates
Part 9 List of Non-Conforming Service Agreements
  Section 1 List of Non-Conforming Service Agreements
Part 11 Non-Conforming Agreements with Negotiated Rates
  Section 1 Boston Gas Company d/b/a National Grid FTS Agmt (#210202)
  Section 2 The Narragansett Electric Company d/b/a National Grid FTS Agmt (#210203)
  Section 3 Enbridge Gas New Brunswick, Inc. FTS Agmt (#210204)
  Section 4 Heritage Gas Limited FTS Agmt (#211436)
  Section 5 Liberty Utilities (EnergyNorth Natural Gas) Corp. FT Agmt (#225800)
  Section 6 Boston Gas Company d/b/a National Grid FT Agmt (#225804)
  Section 7 The Narragansett Electric Company d/b/a National Grid FT Agmt (#225805)
  Section 8 Heritage Gas Limited FT Agmt (#225806)
  Section 9 Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Inc. FT Agmt (#225807)
  Section 10 Bay State Gas Company d/b/a Columbia Gas of Massachusetts FT Agmt (#225810)
  Section 11 The Berkshire Gas Company FT Agmt (#225852) .