Table of Contents

Volume No. 1  
Part I. Table of Contents
Part II. Preliminary Statement
Part III. Map of Market Areas
Part IV. Index of Market Areas
Part V. Currently Effective Rates
  Section 1. FTS
  Section 2. Reserved for Future
  Section 3. NTS and NTS-S
  Section 4. ITS
  Section 5. GTS
  Section 6. OPT
  Section 7. TPS
  Section 8. SST
  Section 9. FSS
  Section 10. ISS
  Section 11. SIT
  Section 12. FBS
  Section 13. PAL
  Section 14. Gathering
  Section 15. FT-C
  Section 16. LNG
  Section 17. Retainage
  Section 18. FTS-VEP
  Section 19. Reserved for Future
  Section 20. Reserved for Future
  Section 21. FTS-LXP
  Section 22. FTS-WBX
  Section 23. FTS-MXP
  Section 24. FTS-BXP
Part VI. Rate Schedules
  Section 1. Firm Transportation Service (FTS)
  Section 2. No Notice Transportation Service (NTS)
  Section 3. Summer Hourly No Notice Transportation Service (NTS-S)
  Section 4. Interruptible Transportation Service (ITS)
  Section 5. General Transportation Service (GTS)
  Section 6. Off-Peak Firm Transportation Service (OPT)
  Section 7. Third Party Storage Transportation (TPS)
  Section 8. Storage Service Transportation (SST)
  Section 9. Firm Storage Service (FSS)
  Section 10. Firm Storage with Market-Based Rates (FSS-M)
  Section 11. Interruptible Storage Service (ISS)
  Section 12. Interruptible Storage Service with Market-Based Rates (ISS-M)
  Section 13. Storage In Transit Service (SIT)
  Section 14. Firm Balancing Service (FBS)
  Section 15. Parking and Lending Service (PAL)
  Section 16. Aggregation Service (AS)
  Section 17. Interruptible Paper Pools (IPP)
  Section 18. Merchant Sales Service (MS)
  Section 19. LNG Storage Service (LSS)
  Section 20. Firm Transportation Service - Commonwealth (FT-C)
Part VII. General Terms and Conditions
  Section 1. Definitions
  Section 2. Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB)
  Section 3. Requests for Service
  Section 4. Availability of Capacity for Firm Services
  Section 5. Service Agreement and Electronic Contracting
  Section 6. Nominating, Scheduling and Monitoring
  Section 7. Capacity Allocation
  Section 8. Meter Allocations
  Section 9. Operating Conditions
  Section 10. Billing and Payment
  Section 11. Flexible Primary and Secondary Receipt and Delivery Points
  Section 12. MDDO and MDDQ
  Section 13. Delivery Pressure
  Section 14. Release and Assignment of Service Rights
  Section 15. Force Majeure
  Section 16. Interruptions of Service
  Section 17. Operational Flow Orders
  Section 18. Inventory Transfers
  Section 19. Penalties
  Section 20. Discounting
  Section 21. Regulatory Fees
  Section 22. Possession of Gas
  Section 23. Warranty of Title to Gas
  Section 24. Warranty of Eligibility for Transportation
  Section 25. Gas Quality
  Section 26. Measurement
  Section 27. Facilities Policy
  Section 28. Tariff Revisions
  Section 29. Notices
  Section 30. Complaint Resolution Procedure
  Section 31. Reserved for Future Use
  Section 32. Curtailment
  Section 33. Reserved for Future Use
  Section 34. Annual Charge Adjustment
  Section 35. Retainage Adjustment Mechanism
  Section 36. Transportation Cost Rate Adjustment
  Section 37. Compliance with 18 CFR
  Section 38. Reservation Charge Credits
  Section 39. Account No. 191 Reconciliation Mechanism
  Section 40. Segmentation Pooling
  Section 41. Recovery of Stranded Account No. 858 Costs
  Section 42. Contract Demand Reduction Option
  Section 43. Storage Inventory Transfers
  Section 44. Electric Power Costs Adjustment
  Section 45. SFC Charge
  Section 46. Negotiated Rates
  Section 47. Offsystem Pipeline Capacity
  Section 48. Reimbursement of Sales and Use Taxes
  Section 49. Operational Transactions
  Section 50. Auctions for Storage Service with Market-Based Rates
  Section 51. Gathering Affiliate(s) Standard of Conduct
  Section 52. Capital Cost Recovery Mechanism (CCRM)
  Section 53. Reserved for Future Use
Part VIII. Form of Service Agreement for Service Under:
  Section 1. Rate Schedules FTS, NTS, NTS-S, SST, OPT, ITS, GTS, and TPS
  Section 2. Rate Schedule FSS
  Section 3. Rate Schedule FSS-M
  Section 4. Rate Schedule ISS
  Section 5. Rate Schedule ISS-M
  Section 6. Rate Schedule SIT
  Section 7. Rate Schedule FBS
  Section 8. Rate Schedule PAL
  Section 9. Rate Schedule Auto PAL
  Section 10. Rate Schedule AS
  Section 11. Rate Schedule IPP
  Section 12. Reference to Customers Having Non-Conforming Service Agreements Pursuant to Section 154.112(B) of the Commission's Regulations
  Section 13. Rate Schedule FT-C
Part IX. Multi-Party Service Agreement Forms
  Section 1. Rate Schedules FTS, NTS, NTS-S, TPS, and OPT